Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine

See It Now! Exhibit Ends May 14

A touring exhibition of The Relayer Group

Learn how AI touches lives now and in the future.

Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine is a traveling exhibit that shows visitors how artificial intelligence is relevant to their lives right now – and in the future. Dozens of interactives, illusions, and videos make this the perfect STEAM exhibit to introduce children and adults to the world of artificial intelligence. With a wide spectrum tactile interactives including sliders, blocks, cylinders, puzzles and flip boards, visitors will learn how AI programs work. Touch screens allow them to experience how AI learns and behaves.

An experience for all ages.

Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine is for visitors of all ages, presenting technology in easy-to-understand terms with accessible games and hands-on interactives. In the exhibit, kids and adults explore what “smart machines” are and how they work. They also learn that the concept of man-made intelligence, popularized by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” has been around for thousands of years.

Visitors will get to interact with numerous examples of practical AI: computers translating stories into different languages; an “intelligent piano player” that helps make any person sound like a virtuoso; a real-time AI “painter,” that creates real-time images of visitors in different classical art styles; applications that try to guess visitors’ emotions and ages; software that recognizes objects around it; and much more.

The exhibit shows how the human brain goes through the process of learning, and how that is different from trying to teach a machine to “think.” Using games and puzzles, visitors try to figure out the best solutions to simple and not-so-simple tasks. Humans learn many skills through trial-and-error and repetition. Artificial intelligence does the same thing by using math.


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