Space The New Frontier

Space: The New Frontier 2D

An entire generation came of age with the indescribable awe of landing on the Moon — and the ensuing Golden Age of Space has changed our world forever for the better. More than 50 years later, what is the next step for humankind? A second golden age of space has quietly dawned on us, with new hope for humanity as a spacefaring species.




Come aboard: life on earth or in space will not be the same again.

Space: The New Frontier captures a time as epic as the Giant Screen, and as real as our present moment.

In the quest to make human spaceflight accessible within in a decade and ultimately affordable to ordinary citizens, leading innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and daredevils are locked in a race into the unknown. From self-assembling habitats, commercial space stations, launching rockets without fuel to building the Lunar Gateway to deep space, history is in the making as we speak.

Public & School Programs are available. Also available for Special Events/Rentals.



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