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Eclipse Preview Weekend

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Apr 6 - Apr 7

MoSH is your Eclipse Prep headquarters!

Come to MoSH April 6 & 7 to learn the science behind the eclipse and to grab your Eclipse glasses and other guides before the big day. After every show, the planetarium will focus on the eclipse. Our education and planetarium departments will show an eclipse simulation from space to help understand what will be happening on April 8. (Note: MoSH is not open on Monday, April 8.)

With up-to-date weather reports, we will be able to talk about where to go for totality. Community engagement activities will also feature the eclipse. In the planetarium we will talk about the eclipse, how, when, and where to view it safely at its best.

Our Gift Shop will be open from 10:30 am – 5 pm for all of your Eclipse Needs.

Fun activities for your family at MoSH: 

  • No Glasses, No Problem!
    Make a safe eclipse viewer using a cereal box.
  • Sun, Moon, Earth – Sun, Earth, Moon
    Make a bracket toy and use it to model the basic geometry of solar (Sun Moon Earth) and lunar eclipses (Sun Earth Moon).
  • Edible Moon Phases
    Use sandwich cookies to model lunar phases.