Science of Small

Spark the imagination of your students with teaching objects, lesson plans and educational displays packed inside rolling trunks and available FREE for use in TN classrooms for two-week periods. Suitcase Exhibits contain hands-on teaching objects/specimens, teacher’s manual with content background, lesson plans and listings of TN state curriculum standards for grades K-2, 3-5 and/or 6-8 supported by these activities.
In the Community/OutreachTeacher or Learner3-54-86-89-12Life ScienceSTEAMSuitcases/Passports
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Scavenger Hunt

Search the museum’s permanent exhibits to find the answers to these scavenger hunt questions.
Permanent ExhibitsPink PalaceParent or CaregiverTeacher or Learner3-54-86-89-12All AgesEarth ScienceLife ScienceSocial StudiesGuide
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