The Magic of Science: Static Electricity (2-5)

Learn how atoms, positive and negative charges, conductors and insulators work to produce static electricity.
Education ProgrammingPink PalaceTeacher or Learner2-53-43-54-5Physical ScienceEducational Program
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Earthquakes (3-4)

Spark the imagination of your students with teaching objects, lesson plans and educational displays packed inside rolling trunks and available FREE for use in TN classrooms for two-week periods. Suitcase Exhibits contain hands-on teaching objects/specimens, teacher’s manual with content background, lesson plans and listings of TN state curriculum standards for grades K-2, 3-5 and/or 6-8 supported by these activities
In the Community/OutreachTeacher or Learner3-4Earth ScienceSTEAMSuitcases/Passports
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