Guitar Heroes – Laser Led Zeppelin

Watch The Guitar Come to Life – Friday Nights This Summer

Experience legendary rockers like Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and others in brilliant laser light shows in the full-dome planetarium. Watch the guitar come to life like never before. Try your hand at interactive instruments.

June 23

7:00pm Laser Zeppelin

8:30pm Laser Vinyl

June 30

7:00pm Pink Floyd’s the Wall

8:30pm Laser Zeppelin

July 7

7:00pm Laser Metallica

8:30pm Laser Rock

July 14

7:00pm Laser U2

8:30pm Laser Metallica

July 21

7:00pm Laser Hendrix

8:30pm Pink Floyd’s The Wall

July 28

7:00pm Laser Van Halen

8:30pm Laser Rush 2112

August 4

7:00pm Laser Rolling Stones

8:30pm Laser Hendrix


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