Grind City Picks: The Music That Made Memphis

Exhibit opening June 10 in conjunction with the America at The Crossroads: The GUITAR and a Changing Nation exhibit.

Banner photo: Courtesy of Steve Roberts

From the Blues clubs on Beale Street to Midtown punk dive bars, music from Memphis has become a global phenomenon. And no instrument has been as important to the sound of this city as the guitar.

Grind City Picks: The Music That Made Memphis invites you to learn about the evolution of notable music genres in Memphis through an impressive display of instruments from famous artists, band merchandise, and photographs. This exhibit explores how Memphis’s history and culture are shaped by the iconic instruments, riffs, and guitarists that put Memphis on the map. Grind City Picks will also feature talented local luthiers who have attracted international artists eager for a taste of the Memphis sound and craftsmanship. This exhibit serves as a testament to the power of music and how the guitar has been integral to the city’s national and international fame.


B.B. King Funeral, Beale Street, May 27, 2015, Memphis TN, Image by Collins Dillard


PEZZ, Hi Tone Club, Friday, September 4, 2015, Memphis TN, Image by Collins Dillard

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