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Stargazing on The Lawn

Jan 28 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Celebrate the night sky with MoSH on the front lawn of the Pink Palace Mansion

We’re hoping for clear skies. In case skies are cloudy, there will be a selection of telescopes displayed on the mezzanine with experts to talk with visitors about how the different types of telescopes work as well as pros and cons of each. Indoor activities will be open through 7:00 pm. There will be observing on the lawn through telescopes operated by the Memphis Astronomical Society as well as planetarium staff. Short planetarium shows describing the sky tonight, and maybe a few surprises, will go on approximately every 30 minutes.

Pre-purchase tickets only, wristbands required.

Astronomy Activities – Learn about constellations, stars and our universe.


The Changing Night Sky – We see different constellations in the winter and summer. Learn about the celestial sphere and how Earth’s orbit around the sun changes our night sky.

Make Your Own Constellation Card – Learn about different winter constellations and make your own constellation card that works as a projector with a light source.

Plasma Ball – Observe a plasma ball to learn about the fourth state of matter, which makes up the brilliant stars we see in our sky.

Star Walk – The stars we see close together in the sky are actually very far away from each other. See how big the universe really is on our Star Walk.


$10.00 adults

$6.00 Youth

Children 2 and under FREE

Wristbands will be given to all paid visitors.