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Fossil Fest – You’ll Dig It!

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Apr 3, 2022 | 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Be a paleontologist for a day at Fossil Fest.

Fossil Fest is back at MoSH Central Avenue on the front lawn of the Pink Palace Mansion. Walk like a dinosaur, dig for fossils, study plants, go on scavenger hunts, learn about the KT extinction, and so much more. If you really dig words like Cenozoic/Pleistocene, Mesozoic/ Cretaceous, Paleozoic, or if you would like to learn more about fossils this is the experience for you. This outdoor event has so many fun learning activities and will make our natural history come alive. Plan to spend a whole day making discoveries and connecting to the natural sciences in the most fun ways. Stop by our food trucks for eats and drinks.



Coon Creek Potatoes – Be a real paleontologist and dig into a Coon Creek “potato” and extract fossils and use an ID Sheet to identify them.

Dinosaur Eggs – Learn how dinosaurs come from eggs.  Make a craft, selecting and decorating a dinosaur and dinosaur egg.

Digging for Fossils – Discover hidden fossils in our fossil dig pits like fossilized shark, ray fish and crocodile teeth.

What’s for Dinner? – Sort dinosaur food into categories – herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

Measuring Dinosaurs – See how you measure up to a giant dino. Use rope the length of a bus and the length of a car to see how big various dinosaurs were.

Dinosaur Stance – Create one of three dinosaur stances with tinker toys and laminated cards with examples.

Name the Dinosaur – Use fossils and ID cards with information to identify dinosaurs.

Paleontologist Backpack – Dress like a paleontologist and use real paleontologist tools.

Dino Mummy Book – Learn how you can identify a very important fossil.

Scoop on The Poop – Learn about coprolite and use playdoh to make sample coprolite.

Triceratops Femur – Watch a demonstration about how fossils are formed over time.

Fossil Stations – Visit our three fossil stations/tables focusing on three different prehistoric eras –  Cenozoic/Pleistocene, Mesozoic/Cretaceous and Paleozoic. Marvel at a 400-million-year-old trilobite fossil slab from Morocco, compare the teeth of a mammoth to a mastodon, bison and saber toothed cat, explore plant fossils and much more.

Owls & Owl Pellet Dissection – Learn about owls and their diet.

Invisible Fossil Device – Watch as we create an imaging system in which the middle part of a fossil  image is completely invisible.

Scavenger Hunt – Search for different animal teeth in the exhibit gallery and determine whether the animal is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

Outdoor Games – Test your skill at corn hole, rope ladder, tic tac toe toss and more.

Eats & Drinks From:

Sunday, April 3rd

Tipsy Tumbler – Vintage style mobile bar – beer and libations.

Best of the Wurst – Hot dogs, smoked sausages and house made toppings.

Tatum’s Made Em – Mouthwatering ice cream sandwiches and frozen treats.

TICKETS – Adult $28/Members $23; Children $13/Members $8