Pink Palace Front Entrance


The B.I.G. (Believe in Girls) Event

Celebrate the power of girls at the B.I.G. Event (Believe in Girls) at MoSH! Ready to unleash your inner scientist or engineer? Picture yourself creating robots and experimenting with growing plants on Mars!

Movies & Mixers: Caddyshack 2D

Come join us on March 23 for a night of Caddyshack fun! There will be a pre-show trivia event hosted by Black Lodge!


Join us for the CXFFEEBLACK TO AFRICA Documentary and an in-depth roasting/brewing demonstration and Q&A about the indigenous history and science of coffee in Africa.

Eclipse Preview Weekend

Come to MoSH April 6 & 7 to learn the science behind the eclipse and to grab your Eclipse glasses and other guides before the big day.