AI After Dark – A Hi-Tech Happy Hour

Join us for a night of drinks and games to see two eye-opening exhibits Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine, and Web of Innovation: AI in Memphis. We’ll also be showing AI-related films with interactive fun. So come join us for one or the other or both!

Final Saturday of the month through April (2/25, 3/25, 4/29) details below.

Event starts at 5:30pm. Preshow for films start at 6:30pm with drinks and happy hour games throughout the evening.

February 25

Film: Star Wars Episode V -The Empire Strikes Back


Infinite Herbarium 

Choose from a selection of plants and let the AI merge them and create a simulation of how they would evolve into a single plant.

Giorgio Cam 

Take a selfie or picture and the AI will interpret it in musical form.


On a tablet, project a “tunnel” on the ground using your camera its camera to see what’s on the other side of the earth.

March 25 

Film: The Matrix


Anti-Facial Recognition Workshop 

Learn how AI can track your face on a camera and then get your face painted in a way that tricks the system.

Bouncing Band 

On a tablet, drop bouncing items that make sounds into your environment on camera to create a symphony.

Auto Draw

Draw on a blank canvas and watch AI generate finished pictures based on what it thinks you’re drawing.

Freddie Meter

Show off your Freddie Mercury skills with a little Queen karaoke and the program will rate how closely your singing matches the original.

April 29

Film: RoboCop


Common Uses of AI Workshop 

Explore some common things in your everyday life that utilize AI and uncover some examples of more of what it can be used for.

Body, Movement, Language 

An AI dance party where the program tracks your dance moves and matches them with lyrics or quotes that dance with you.

Lip Sync with YouTube 

Lip sync karaoke to a song and let the AI analyze how accurate you are with the lyrics.

AI Duet 

Play some notes on a virtual pian and the AI will process your music and produce complementary notes.


Exhibits and Games- $23 ($10 for Members)

Film and Games- $23 ($10 for Members)

Combo- Exhibits, Games and Film- $28 ($18 for Members)